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   Construction highlights: 


●  Airex PVC Closed Cell Foam Core. No water absorption and extreme durability. 

●  3mm Airex double sandwich in standing area prevents heel dents. 

●  Advanced Full Carbon composite made of biaxial non woven fibers. 

●  High Density Airex stringer connects the foil tracks with the deck                laminate for absolute "No Delay" pumping and steering. 

●  Very rigid, direct and responsive board, feels like a good sports car. 

●  Great weight/strength ratio. 

●  Resistant top finish & colors 

●  Proudly handmade in Poland 

S  K  Y  W  A  L  K  E  R


 Innovative all-round wing board

that provides a new level of ease and fun

  Ventana takes some shape elements from down wind boards and translates them into the needs of wing foiling. With Ventana, you will immediately be able to use a smaller wing and foil or you can take usual stuff and take off much easier with no pumping effort. All this in a compact size and a safe volume around your body weight.

  What are the benefits of the Ventana shape? 

It’s a harmonious shape with perfect volume distribution, stable at launch and does not feel too long when on fly mode. 

The bottom of the board is modeled on Olympic boats and allows you to easily achieve levitation speed but also will give you exceptional freedom around the mast plate for radical turns and bigger waves. 

This effect is comparable to using a 10 cm longer mast.

No handle on the bottom and the “hidden” foil plate creates much less drag when the board touches the water at high speeds. 

40cm long foil mount tracks and five-position foot strap mounting inserts, together these elements allow for every possible setup. 

Ventana means window in Spanish and will be your window to a completely new dimension of wing foiling since it's a great board 

for either wave riding, racing, LW cruising, prone and paddle foiling.

It really does everything great except advanced freestyle.


  Why Airex Core technology? 

Airex Core provides highest rigidity and durability, which ensures trouble free use over a long period of time as well as precise control and agility. Airex Core has zero moisture absorption, so you don't have to worry about the board absorbing water at the slightest damage. Therefore no need for immediate repair as the new technology guarantees the original weight of the board forever. 

The use of Airex Core also eliminates the decompression valve and the risk of delamination on the sun or in the airplane.



  Sizes: 75 / 85 / 95 / 105L



Zrzut ekranu 2024-05-4 o 19.37.39.png

*weight tolerance +/- 8%



  • Innovative shape with fantastic take offs and touchdowns

  • "hidden" foil plate and no handle on the bottom for minimum drag at touchdowns

  • Rounded to flat pintail bottom

  • Concave deck gets you closer to the mast and makes steering more precise

  • 40 cm foil tracks for every possible setup

  • Recessed 3D diamond cut EVA pad                

Kotwica 1


Ventana 75L
Ventana 85L
Ventana 95L
Ventana 105L       




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