the ultimate wave machine

Versatile surfboard shape with lots of modern details.

It likes to be ridden strapless surf style, with moderate power in the kite. 

Deep single to double concave and slightly wider outline develops lots of speed, and the flat rocker generates power whilst two progressive channels ensure outstanding smooth carving and grip.

Aerosurf is also an upwind star so within a quick run or two you’ll be back in the line-up where you started.

technology highlights

  • Very unique core made of AIREX Foam.

  • Advanced multi layer composite made of biaxial non woven carbon and aramid fiber.

  • Very direct and responsive yet comfortable board, like a good sport car.

  • Sensational weight/strength ratio.

  • Never gets heel dents and resulting delamination & breakage

  • No water absorption 

  • No immediate repairs needed.

  • The board keeps the original weight forever.

  • Resistant top finish & colors

  • Every detail made for heavy duty and long lasting.

  • Proudly hand made in Poland


Colour options



*weight tolerance +/- 5%



  • Massive nose, rails and fin boxes reinforcements        

  • HD foam deck insert - never gets heel dents

  • Progressive bottom channels           




+30€ +50€ +40€ +50€


Board only                              

Futures thruster  standard             

FCS II thruster                       

Footstrap inserts                    

FCS tail pad                         

Aerodeck (CNC shaped front pad) 

Futures Alpha fins tri set S/M/L.    




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