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Skywalker provides our clients with one of the best made boards on the Market. Proudly made in Poland with passion and over 30 years of experience. Skywalker was built to withstand harsh conditions and satisfy experienced surfers.

To provide you with such a high-tech product at an acceptable price, we only sell directly to the client. Skywalker choses not to advertise, we like our products to talk for themselves amongst other skilled surfers.

We only allow you to pay for the best possible material, with years of experience behind the products and the manpower that goes into Skywalker. We wouldn’t want to provide you with anything less! 

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the story

  In the year 2000, right after its birth, kitesurfing took over my mind. I was working in the composites industry at the time and I thought why not take part in the creation of this beautiful sport? 

This is how the Skywalker Boards brand was born. After successful 10 years of twin tip production we decided to add directional surf boards to our range – the Aero Boards.

Throughout the years we have produced and sold over 20,000 premium quality boards worldwide.

Another 10 years have passed and in 2020 wing foiling took over my mind as the new breakthrough in surfing. The name Skywalker continued in a series of exceptional boards for this new sport and has taken over as the main focus of the company.

Jurek Kamienny  (CEO)

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the stoke

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