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No compromise wing board

When designing the Skywalker V2, we focused on improving the following features: early take offs, smooth touch downs and both, board and swing weight reduction while maintaining strength and stiffness. Here's what we did to achieve these goals:

  • No handle on extended, flat bottom and recessed foil tracks will reduce drag to an absolute minimum

  • Foil tracks are positioned well forward to minimize rotational swing weight. This feature radically improves handling and makes you feel ride a smaller board.

  • Both, recessed tracks and deck will bring you closer to the mast top for direct steering and feel.

  • Accurate volume distribution and the slightly rectangular outline, makes for a stable platform when on the water while the bottom design reduces  the “wetted area” when the foil starts to lift, making for a smooth transition to foiling. Also touchdowns are seamless as the board does not grab as it touches the water.


  • Hybrid core made of EPS foam and 80mm Airex stringer

  • 2mm Airex double sandwich all over the Hybrid core

  • 2x 2mm Airex triple sandwich at the stand area 

  • Advanced multi layer composite made of biaxial 50g/m2 non woven carbon fibers.

  • HD Airex foam insert for the US tracks plus Airex stringer connects the bottom and deck laminate for absolute "No Delay"  pumping and steering.

  • Very rigid, direct and responsive board, feels like a good sport car.

  • Sensational weight/strength ratio.

  • Gore-Tex air vent valve

  • Resistant top finish & colors

  • Proudly hand made in Poland



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*weight tolerance +/- 5%

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  • Compact shape with fantastic take offs and touchdowns

  • Double concave to flat bottom with recessed foil tracks

  • Concave deck gets you closer to the mast

  • "Reverse nose" helps when moving with foil up

  • Footstrap inserts for all possible positions

  • "Snake Skin" deck pad does not irritate the skin.                  

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Skywalker V2  90L
Skywalker V2  
Skywalker V2  60L                                             
Soft foot straps three set 
Board bag 


foot strap tri set
foot strap tri set

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board bag back
board bag back

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board bag front
board bag front

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foot strap tri set
foot strap tri set

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