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Construction highlights

  •  Core made of 12kg/m3 EPS Premium Foam​

  • 3mm Airex double sandwich all over the core

  • Additional 3mm Airex sandwich at the stand area (together 6mm HD foam sandwich under the feet)

  • 100% multi layer Biaxial Carbon composite on the entire board.

  • HD Airex foam insert for the US tracks plus vertical Airex stringer

  • Very rigid and durable board

  • Great weight/strength ratio. 

  • Gore-Tex air vent valve

  • Resistant top finish & colors

  • Proudly handmade in Poland

S  K  Y  W  A  L  K  E  R

The One

    The One is a board for those who seek a versatile board that is suitable for learning and progression, however for many riders this may be the ultimate board for all their needs. 

The 120L The One is also an excellent school board. Very robust yet lightweight, promises long life in hard school service and great student satisfaction.

With the use of Carbon PVC Sandwich layup around a light EPS core this board is making the leap to premium technology boards, combining light weight with a strong durability. 

A modern freeride shape in three sizes will make your choice as easy as possible.


  What are the benefits of the The One shape?

 Lighter riders will love the stable rectangular platform for their first sessions while heavier riders can make endless progress and keep it as a low end board.

Everyone will find the right position on the board by using extra long 40cm foil tracks and 5 hole foot strap mounts, no matter what foil you use and what your ride level is.

Flat, long bottom with a V concave in the nose and sharp release edges in the tail for an early take off and uninterrupted glide in landings and touchdowns. Slightly concave deck for better foil control.

  Sizes: 80 / 95L

   Versatile full Carbon board

     for progress and freeride



Zrzut ekranu 2023-09-30 o 17.14.32.png

*weight tolerance +/- 8%

Zrzut ekranu 2023-04-10 o 17.43.49.png


  • Compact shape with plenty volume for great stability and early planing 


  • Double concave to flat bottom with       squared-off tail ensures great take offs and smooth touch downs

  • Ultra long 40cm foil tracks make every foil setup possible

  • Bottom handle for those who prefer carrying comfort

  • Footstrap inserts for all possible positions

  • "Snake Skin" deck pad does not irritate the knee skin                 

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Skywalker "The One" 80L
Skywalker "The One" 95L





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The One yellow
The One orange
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